Full service flights from Bucharest to Johannesburg from €369 by Virgin Atlantic and British Airways!


Cheap flights from Bucharest to Republic of South Africa based onVirgin Atlantic and British Airways promotion.


Looking for budget option to Johannesburg, South Africa from Bucharest, Romania check out this Virgin Atlantic and British Airways promotion offering discounted return flights already for €369! Fare is including all taxes and hand bag as well as checked luggage. If you need to travel to South Africa in local winter season this is the cheapest option I have seen..Seriously consider especially as this is full service airline promotion which is no longer standard even on flights to Africa!


Johannesburg is South Africa’s largest city. Johannesburg has a subtropical highland climate which is characterised as being really sunny. Summer lasts from December to February and it’s fairly mild due to the city’s altitude (over 1,000 meters). Temperatures usually range from around 15°C (60°F) during the night, to around 25°C (75°F). Days above 30°C (86°F) aren’t uncommon but temperatures above 35°C (95°F) are rare. The record high is 41.4°C (106.5°F). The UV index is also extremely high in Johannesburg during the summer (around 14-16) and visitors are advised to wear sunscreen at all times when being outside. There is a heavy amount of precipitation during the summer months as more than 80% of the yearly rainfall occurs from November to March.


Virgin Atlantic and British Airways promotion conditions

Travel dates from October 2019

Max stay  1 month

Discount available till 31st of July



Bucharest – Johannesburg – Bucharest from €369


Travel dates

20.10. – 11.11.

27.10. – 15.11.

29.10. – 18.11.


Accommodation in Johannesburg, South Africa

South Africa offers great range of accommodation from cheapest hostels for just few € a night to luxurious 5* hotels. To book your hotel in Johannesburg you can use Booking.com.


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